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Allegro Holidays Frequently Asked Questions: 

How can I choose my performances that are part of your music package? 
At the time of reservation, simultaneously with booking the hotel space for you, we are requesting from our suppliers all the  music/opera performances that are available in the cities you are visiting while   your stay in those cities. You will be given a selection of performances from which you can pick the ones you like.

 How am I going to receive those performance tickets?
All tickets to all the performances you order from us are being delivered to your hotel in all cities. Upon checking-in to your hotel the receptionist/concierge will hand you an envelope containing all tickets to your performances. In addition, for your piece of mind the emergency phone numbers and other contact details of our ticket brokers will be listed on our performance ticket voucher, which will be emailed or mailed to you after we receive your final payment, well  before you depart  for your vacation. We have never had a case during our 30 years of existence when a ticket was not delivered to the right hotel/customer.

Can I modify the packages?
If you are booking non-escorted independent tours, we can customize the package according to your needs. We can do alterations, omission and additions to the existing programs or you can just send us an email to let us know what exactly you wish to do, and we will price your request.

Can I upgrade my performance tickets?
Most of our packages are based on middle category performance tickets with the exception of Prague and Budapest where we usually include some of the best seats of the opera and concert houses. If you wish to upgrade your performances to the best available seats in other cities, please let us know at the time of reservation and we will check what surcharges would apply.

Is there a transfer from the hotels to the venues?
Normally the packages do not include transfer to the performances, please read the section: "Package Includes" on your applicable tour package page. It is, however, possible to order transfers in advance if you wish to do so for extra cost. It is usually cheaper for individual passengers to take a taxi from the hotel. For groups we recommend prearranged transfers.

What currencies can I use for payment?
If the payment is by credit card, the credit card companies automatically convert the funds for you into your local currency. Most credit card companies charge a small conversion fee of around 2%. You can check the exact percentage by phoning your credit card company.

Can I pay by check? 
Personal checks are accepted up to 90 days before departure. Within 90 days you can pay by Visa, Mastercard, cashier’s check, money orders or bank transfers in US funds.

How do I receive my documents?
The invoice and the optional cancellation insurance form will be issued and emailed or mailed to you upon confirmation of the booking. Final documents are issued as soon as we receive full payment. Most vouchers are sent to you as email attachments, however certain numbered documents, rail or airline tickets have to be mailed to you usually by express mail. Certain cruise documents are issued only 3 weeks prior to sailing. In these cases, we can email you the copies of the cruise documents in advance for your piece of mind while you will receive the originals by mail. You will receive the express mail deliveries within 3-12 days depending on which continent you live.

When is the final payment due?
For most packages we require final payment 40 days before departure. Certain cruises require 60 or 90 days advance payment. You will be advised about your final payment date at the time of reservation. If you have less than 40 days before your tour/package starting date, full payment is required upon booking

How can you assure me that my reservation is in order?

You will receive our official invoice with all the details of our company including registration and tax account numbers. All vouchers show the contacts of the local hotels and other suppliers  with contact names and emergency phone numbers. You can call those numbers any time before departure to verify that your reservation is in order.

How can I make sure I read the rates correctly?
All rates are listed as Per Person based on 2 people sharing (double). In some packages there can be 3 people in a room (triple). If you travel alone, the single supplement rate applies. Prices can vary depending on seasonality. All price charts give rates for all seasons usually for a one-year period. Escorted tour or cruise rates are usually listed as one price per season with single supplement specified as an extra cost. If something is not clear, please send us an email or call us toll free at 1800 770 7148 Monday-Friday. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays

What is the single supplement?
The published rate of a tour is always calculated per person but based on 2 people sharing the same hotel room throughout the tour. Single supplement is an additional cost on top of the tour rate that single people who wish to stay in a single room during the duration of the trip would have to pay. E.g. Tour rate is listed as euro 1000, single supplement as euro 200. It means if you are traveling alone on this tour, you pay euro 1200. However, if a friend joins you, you would only have to pay euro 1000.

Can You Pair me with another Single Person on the Tour?
No, unfortunately there is too much room for problems. We suggest you travel with a friend or family member if you wish to avoid paying for the single supplement.